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are without power in new jersey. the storm hasn't fully gotten to that state yet. we have a live look right now this the pier in atlantic city, new jersey you can see waves pummeling the pier there, getting stronger by the minute. president obama has signed an emergency declaration for new jersey, numerous towns have issued voluntary evacuation orders some recently have been switched to mandatory orders. some video be, the same goes for new york governor cuomo declared a state of emergency, mobilizes air national guard in new york city the transit system is shutdown, schools closed hundreds of thousands ordered to leave their homes new york stock exchange shutdown today that includes electronic trading. thousands of flights are cancelled. >> the storm is moving slowly, bringing high volumes of rain. essentially this is a hurricane wrapped in a nor'easter. >> reporter: take a look at this, this is the view from space hurricane sandy off the coast of the carolinas, provided by nasa because of the size and dense population, forcasters expect 50 million to feel the affects. look how massive tha
. >> president obama will head to new jersey today. new york, stock market and two major airports reopening laguardia remains closed. mark greenblatt joins us live from lower manhattan. >> reporter: good morning. right now the power remains out in lower manhattan. as you just mentioned there is a big sign of life because this morning mayor bloomberg is going to be out ringing the opening bell on the floor of the new york stock exchange resuming normal trading after a really devastating storm. it was another night of no lights and power for thousands, still no idea when power will be restored. new york city which shutdown its entire mass transit system will spend the next several days pumping out flooded tunnels hoping to get everything moving again. in breezy point, new york a beach front community of firemen, policemen and blue collar works they are taking stock from a fire that destroyed 100 homes. >> nothing i could identify except the kitchen and bathroom tile that's about it. >> reporter: the cause of the fire unknown. new jersey took the brunt of sandy with coastal communities hit especi
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2